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Cleaning and Storage tips for your Vintage Garments


  • Less is more! That beautiful vintage piece should not be vigorously washed
    this will only harm the fibers. If the item is machine washable use a 30 degree setting,
    this will prolong its life and is much more eco-friendly too!

    Better still just air the piece until next wear!
  • Never wash Embroidered Silks, Satins or heavy Rayon
  • Try to clean any recent spots before storage as stains can set over time
    and be little buggers to remove later
  • For Dry Clean items make sure to use a reputable Dry Cleaner
    Its important to use someone that you trust to know what's best
    for your clothes and will take as much care of them as you would
  • Try to resist the temptation of wearing your vintage gem two days in a row
    Airing allows the garment's fibers to breathe restoring it for the next wear.
  • Last but not least the best investment you can make for your clothing (and not just vintage) is a clothes steamer,
    these days you can find a decent quality steamer for under $100
    they save time & money on trips to the drycleaner
    not to mention the worry of damaging your garment with a regular iron


  • Hang your vintage clothing in a dry and dust-free wardrobe
  • Protect those delicate fibers by keeping them away from any direct sunlight
    this will help prevent discolouration & fading
  • Store fragile items flat, storing any type of item on a hanger can be harmful
    especially wire hangers which are a no no, they miss-shape the garment at the shoulders and they tend to rust
  • Never store a beaded dress on a hanger-the weight of the beads will stress shoulder fabric and eventually lead to tears
  • Most cardboard boxes have harmful acids that eat fabric, yellow it and break down the fibers,
    use an old suit case instead-just remember to air regularly
  • Do not store clothing in humid environments and be careful when leaving your garment under
    a plastic cover as any trapped moisture could lead to mildew

By following these tips your vintage treasure will love you and allow you to wear it for many more years to come! Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved
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